While wondering around the Nottingham branch of Model zone I came across a repaired SYMA S032 Fiery Dragon. This three channel helicopter was on offer at £19.99 (instead of its full £39.99). I had always wanted a helicopter so I thought I would give it a go.

Mine was the 140mm rotor blade length and the controller ran on 4 AA’s instead of the 6 posted online.

Flight time is about 15 minutes after a 40 minutes charge and I found it far easier to fly outside in an open space.
Construction is based around a sturdy frame with a rigid front but with flexible blades and has so far survived about 30 crashes. Should the unfortunate happen and something gets broken, spare parts are easily available online but i’m yet to work out the difference between real and fake parts.
Being a repaired item I didn’t have any instructions and had to resort to using the internet for help.

Overall I’m having fun with this little Helicopter and recommend it.