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Finally found time to work on some of my #M5Stack projects.

I2C Servo Unit.

The I2C Servo Unit is almost a clone of M5Stacks official Module but instead of it being a stackable module, the I2C Servo Unit is a plugin unit that connects to the M5Stack I2C port.


The above image is how the official one looks. I have not been able to purchase one and as the circuit and code is open source, I built my own.


Sorry for the bad picture, the human holding the camera wasn’t stable.

I designed this using through hole components as a beginners kits for people wanting to learn how to solder a basic kit. This is the Revision 3 board and unfortunately has some mistakes (the data connector that is on the underside, should be on top!) it works and I’m powering it from two 18650 cells rescued from an old laptop battery.


My next project I have working is Photography turntable. The #M5Stack is used to drive the stepper motor and trigger the camera.

Here I am using a cheep cable remote trigger connected to the M5Stack Relay module. the screw in the trigger is a temp conductive bridge as the first two contacts need to be together in order to fire the Sony SLT A58.

This all was coded using M5Stack UIFlow programming environment and the code is as follows

Screenshot 2019-06-22 at 14.31.24

Yes it is that simple!


OK call me distracted. While looking for Gunpla parts to 3d print I came across this

Neo Zeon 3D Printed Tripod.

Colour me Impressed, Wish I had the artistic skill for this!

Marumi M-55S200 2.0X telephocal adapter.

Marumi M-55S200 2.0X telephocal adapter.

Thank you for your Enquiry Saurabh and sorry it took so long to get around to it.

Above is the test image taken on a Sony A230 18-55mm @18mm focus. On the left is the shot without the Marumi and the right is with the lens.
To me the magnification looks fine how ever not visable in the shot, around the edges are blurred. Wither its because I still can’t take picture on the DSLR I don’t know. give it another year I’ll try again how ever before I close I will say that the Fujifilm version doesn’t work on the sony lens as there is a 3mm lip on it holding it aways from the sony’s lens threads.

New lens.

Got my new lens today, a Hoya +4 filter and when added to my new tripod (and the fact I read my camera’s manual) I have filially managed to take a photo of a model( that’s paint scheme was tripping out the camera)

Nice clean picture of my prototype Warhammer 40K Wraith Hawk

Its a prototype Warhammer 40K Wraith Hawk only known to exist on the Althan craftworld.


Wayhay I have one of these blog things, now I just need to fill it.

Well this blog will mainly be for my thoughts on Linux (mainly Ubuntu) and photography but may contain the odd rant about the standereds of driving in the South West of england.

I hope to have some Information this will be of interest to readers.

My current setup consists of the following

  • Acer Aspire 3690 laptop,
  • Ubuntu 7.10,
  • Fuji S5500+wide lens+GP2700 Batteries+2GB XD card,
  • Medion titanium mini tower running Ubuntu 7.10+Windows XP.