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Black Rock Shooter sticker.

New car and new mods.


I couldn’t find a supply of these so had to commission a limited run.

The printer wasn’t happy but I love it and it passes the standoff test.

Why this game?
Since I first discovered BRS I have loved it have and have been playing the US version of the game on/off for 6 months. (the bike level sucks)

I do have the Japanese import on PSP classic (4001) but found it to fast for me to read and understand.

Ingress Madness

A couple of years ago I started playing the game by Niantic labs called Ingress. I didn’t find much fun in it and having 2 phone that crashed trying to play it turned me away.

I now have IOS and started again and in 4 days went from 11K points to 36K points reaching L3. I have now meet my first player (part of the enemy “Enlightened” but were now friends and sharing tips.

Now I’m L3 I can now attack and take portals!

News has hit me of a new online Ghost in the shell game but guess what, if you don’t use Windows then your can’t play (well there are ways around it but thats not the point.

Its the same shit everytime, they think that everyone only use windows and nothing else exist. Someone need to beat sense into these game makers and force them to build OS X clients.

Quake Live

Quake live.

Quake live.

Well I’m back wasting time on Quake games by id softwere this time all can play.
Quake live is an online multiplayer with the feel of the old Q3Arena game. So far I’m hooked and spending more time on it then on working on my Warhammer Dwarfs army.
I really must prioritise my hobbys.