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AGE Device level 2

AGE Device level 2

Well I’ve got to 50pts and finally reached level 2!

I gave another look at the points screen and realized it has 4 box’s for a total of 9999 EXP. With those numbers I wonder if the age 2 evolution is set far higher then I thought! I could be set to something like 3333 EXP or something stupid like if you hit the 9999 limit then it might change to Age 2 before resetting the numbers!

*Shudder’s* I thought this was too easy. Is there anyone that fancy sending me one of the shop machines for free?

On a side note I do believe that aether Bandi are up to something with the arcade machine or they have missed on on an opportunity.

With the P.O.D machine and up coming games they could have redesigned the pilot card interface to accept the Age Device and save pilot exp to it!

I don’t know about any ware else but around my part of the world Arcade are dieing out due to modern games console. The thought of purchasing new machines must not be appealing o arcade owners now so how long will machine be shipped out of Japan I don’t know but man I wish I could go there and see there machines!

That’s all for now つづく

Gundam AGE device.

Note 1 – As Far as I know, I am the only one in the Uk to own one. If there is anyone else who does please contact me!
Note 2 – As I’m learning how to read Japanese I’m adding in the Kanji were I can.
Note 3 – This is very Wip and hopefully can be updated with corrections.

The latest Gundam franchise is Gundam AGE and its based around the device above, the AGE device.
In the series its the start up key for the Gundam and also holds the plans for the Gundam AGE Device @ Gundam Wiki. in real life it contains Different sound effects from the tv series and 7 Games, it also connects to a Gageing Haro or battle console.

Whats in the box?
What we find in the box is
Instructions – 1 とりあつかいせつぬいしよほれしよ
AGE Device – 1, Powered by 3 X LR44 button batteries (included with)
Master Pass – 1, Used to log on to the Gage-ing web site.

When started up after the initial config you will you will shown the “A” logo followed by the time screen or the points screen.

Pressing the right button will allow you to change modes モード .
The modes are :
Game – ゲーム
Battle – バトル
Special Sounds – (SP Sound) スペシャルサウンド
Level – レベル
Settings – セッティング

Press the right button to move through the modes and middle button to select or the left button to go back up through the modes.

Game Mode – ゲームモード

The Game mode has 7 different games, all are frustrating if your over 10 years old but all are addictive.

Game (1) – Koroniiomamore コロニーを守れ (Defend the colony)
Game (2) – Hatsushinseyo,Gasodamu 発進せよ,ガソダム (starting case, Gundam)
Game (3) – Mozerusuutsu – Fuyakutorii モゼルスーツ.フヤクトリー (Suit Model Factory)
Game (4) – UE Kekitaisakusen 撃退作戦 (UE Repel Strategy)
Game (5) – Tsuyuuteisoku – Tsumiyureetaa
Game (6) – 才能 のめざめ – Awakening of Talent.
Game (7) – UE poso – tsuyatsufuru ウエポン.ツアシフル (Weapon. Tsuatsufuru)

Game (1) – コロニーを守れ (Defend the colony)

This is a timed game, you get fore lives at the top of the screen, using the left and right buttons, move the line at the bottom off the screen to stop the Bullets.

Game (2) – 発進せよ,ガソダム (starting case, Gundam)

This is (for want of a better description) a tower build game. At the beginning of the game your set a time limit, you have to press the middle button rapidly to build the 4 towers, if you complete the screen you will be given another time limit. If you complete all 4 rounds you will be issued EXP points.

Game (3) – Mozerusuutsu – Fuyakutorii モゼルスーツ.フヤクトリー (Suit Model Factory)

Again this is a timed game, the object is to collect crates to earn score points, I assume that at the end the EXP points will be worked out by how many score points to earn.

Game (4) UE Kekitaisakusen 撃作作戦 (UE Hammering operation.)

The UE are flying across the top of the screen while you fly across the bottom. Use left and right buttons to move and middle button to fire.

Game (5)

This is a timed game and you fly around finding and destroying UE’s in the area.
Use left and right to fly around, when a UE appears a star shape appears and press the middle button to shot it. If your successful it will explode and you get a score point. They time you get to shot the UE decreases as the game progresses.

Game (6) – 才能 のめざめ (Awakening of Talent)

Game 6 is a sequence memory game. A sequence of patterns will flash up and using all three buttons you have to match the sequence. For each correct pattern in a sequence you gain a score point and the game ends when you get one sequence wrong. If you get the patterns right but don’t finish the round, you get one EXP point, If you complete the round you gain 2 EXP points.

Game (7)

4 box’s appear on screen and one will have an object in it, Each game the box’s will shuffle and you will need to follow and find the full crate. An EXP point is earned for each correct crate. This game last only 1 round.

よびだし&スペツヤルゲーム (Emergency game mode)
At certain times of the day the AGE device will set off an alarm, if you press the buttons it will trigger one of the seven games.I’m not sure if the selection is random but it all ways seams to be the last game I played.

Battle – バトル

If you have a Gage-ing Haro ゲイジング ハロ or access to one of the arcade machines, use this mode to allow the AGE device to communicate.

(JPN) – Bandai Gage-ing Website

Gundam AGE Device game 2

Wow talk about frustrating, Game 2 is a button bashing game, You get set a time limit and you have to grow towers withing that limit but bashing the center button very fast.
The game last for 4 rounds and each round the time limit shrinks.
You need to last all 4 rounds to get points.

My arm is shaking from the stress of bashing so hard and i’m not sure the AGE Device could stand up to many rounds of that game!


I had my Gundam AGE Device for over a week now and so far I have only got 3 points. I’ve mostly been playing Game 1 which is a catch type game (Translation not available for its name at this time as I can’t work out one kana!)

You start the game with 4 lives at the top of the screen, you have 3 minits ( I think) to catch things falling from the top of the screen which speed up as the game goes. If you loose all 4 lives before the timer then its game over, you get a score but 0 points. if you survive you get eather cool or ok and gain points. Not being able to find several of the kanji I can only guess that the points are awarded on how many lives you have survived with. I have played more then 10 games now and find I’m far too slow hence the reason for only 3 points.

On wards and up wards and keep playing.