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Well after a week where I nearly smashed it, the printer is up and running in a fashion. I haven’t calibrated the extruder steps as I’m having issue with the Bulldog lite Clicking when pushing filament through.

Thank you to the community to have given there help and support and to Ryan @ Ooznest for giving technical support and preventing me from braking it.

I may give up on converting this to duel and may use the parts instead to build a second.

Anyone know if I will have issues using the Arduino Mega 2560 adk instead of the mega 2560 as the heart of the new printer?

Error: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

So I finially found time to work on my Adafruit Wave shield with my old Arduino Uno (new version has 3 more pins) using the current Arduino programming Environment 1.0.1 but kept getting

Error: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

And on debugging I was getting

avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any usb device “usb”

After all sorts of idea’s in the end I just gave up and downloaded Arduino programming Environment 0.23 and it worked first time.

If anyone else has thim issue and finds my solution helps feel free to pop a message.

Arduino Mega ADK and Sony Erricson Xperia Mini Pro X17i works (well sort off!)

Well After all the banging, thumping and moaning I have managed to get the Xperia Mini Pro X17i to communicate with the Arduino Mega ADK!

First was patching of the Arduino code aka firmware, that took a lot of work mostly due to running the 1.0.1 version of the Arduino  programming environment. After editing loads of it then replacing the Google ADK files with the ones from http://www.circuitsathome.com/category/mcu/arduino/usb-shield I got the code to compile and upload but still couldn’t get the Xperia Mini Pro X17i to recognize it (well the phone charged but that’s it) I hit on an idea of using the Xperia live dock!
Powering everything up (mega using separate adapter) I connected the phone to the dock and “Unsupported accessory” message popped up, Yes its at least reading it in the liveware manager app.  After looking back through the arduino code I found the answer in AndroidAccessory.cpp

The following lines

#define USB_ACCESSORY_VENDOR_ID         0x18D1
#define USB_ACCESSORY_PRODUCT_ID        0x2D00

Needed to be changed but to what I hear you ask? The VENDOR_ID and PRODUCT_ID are incorrect (this is stated but I just ignored it causing some of the grief) After a bit of google I worked out how to get my ID code in Windows 7.

Once I had my codes I changed the lines to this

#define USB_ACCESSORY_VENDOR_ID         0x0FCE
#define USB_ACCESSORY_PRODUCT_ID        0x0166

Recompiled and now it’s recognized as Supported Hardware! (This is just for the Sony Erricson Xperia Mini Pro X17i)

Now I need to learn how to modify the Android demo app to make it work!

Note to get the demokit app to work I had to edit the manifest file (see previous file) which solved the errors then I cheated and just suppressed/ignored the warnings and it compiled, unfortunately there a bug in it which is preventing the app from displaying properly or recognizing the board!

I hope this information will be helpfull to you out there also venturing into this field.


I have been trying to get into this android hardware development and like many I have been suffering from the
R cannot be resolved to a variable

After finding no luck with the solutions on the web I started pooking around the web.
In the end I found it was the following that caused the issue

All I did was delete

Run Project>Clean followed by refresh and that got rid of the R cannot be resolved to a variable issue.
Now I just need to solve the
The import android.text.SpannableStringBuilder is never used

So I took the plunge and upgraded my Revision 2 Arduino UNO to a Revision 3 Arduino Mega ADK which links up with android phones!

Why all the bother ? Upgrading the house electrics to LED’s. Hopefully when finished all that will be visible is a charging station on the wall that will also be the lighting system interface connection.
Just one big issue slowing all this down ……… I don’t know how to progame! I have the development environment set up I just need to learn how to build Android apps.

If this interests you keep wathing and hopefully soon I will have made something!