Finished and WIP works.


Please note that the writing has been moved to my other blog – the diaries of James Purcell.

On this page you will find links to both finished and wip literary works. All wip’s will have [WIP] at the beginning of each title.

I hope to add both Audio and ebook formats and make then available through an ebook retailer.

Current Planned Book Series

The Diary’s of James Purcell and the Tales of the Aether Shadow.

Set in the Victorian era these story’s will cover the life and adventures of James Purcell recovered from his diary’s.

Planned so far

  • Tales of the Aether Shadow – England
  • Tales of the Aether Shadow – Albion.
  • Eleanor’s Beast
  • Dragon hunt
  • Kitsune

Dragons return

Two hundred years ago the Dragons were almost wiped out. The survivors went into hiding in order to protect the species. But this allowed the humans to grow and spread through the world. Something has cause the fallen ones to awaken and its upto a team from both Human and Dragon kind to solve the mystery.

Industrial Warfare.

How far will a company go to make sure there the top company? How will business turn when murderers and armed mercenary’s are used for business deals.