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OK call me distracted. While looking for Gunpla parts to 3d print I came across this

Neo Zeon 3D Printed Tripod.

Colour me Impressed, Wish I had the artistic skill for this!


My first foray into MG class 1/100 scale gundams and it’s a custom Wing Zero Proto and Universe booster.
This thing is 350mm wing tip to wing tip but is very back heavy and needs some additional work before I can strip it down and paint it.

Gunpla Loot!

So spent the weekend down in London for the Chinese and had to pleasure to pay a visit to Tokyo toys and the Japan centre for a bit of shopping. While not having much of a budget I did make a few purchases. What I picked up was

Dengeki Hobby Jan 2013 (Cosmic falcon episode)

G Generation SD Wing Zero custom

Gundam Age AG Spallow and Titus

Gundam Age 3 AG Fortess.

That leaves me just Age 2 Double bullet, Age 3 Orbit and Dark Hound to complete the main lineup.

I need to start putting stuff on ebay as I’m running out of space  but before I go I have to let you know that there is another 3 shops hiding in soho (London) that also sell Gunpla and Nendoroid/Figma figures!

Good night all.


Well just catching up on ガソダム Gundam news thank’s to Gundam Guy and he has posted up a information on the 電撃ホビー Dengeki Hobby Magazine September 2012, with the September issue you get the addon parts for the 1/144 scale ガソダム Gundam Age Artemis which fits both AGE 1,2 & 3 but is really designed as a replacement for the AGE 2 Double Bullet Armour.

I’ve got it on my Shopping list ready!

Well I don’t know what the levels may be set at but I’m now up to 40 EXP point’s and still no change to AGE 2.

2 more days till pay day then I can order a Gageing Haro and 1/144 AG Age 2 normal, lets see if that makes a difference.

On the Subject of AGE 2 Normal I’m thinking of getting 2, one in the normal colors and one in what I call White Wolf. It looks like Asemu painted it White after Woolf Enneacle was killed.
If you haven’t seen it Already episode 29 is watchable online and there a black Modded Age 2 to make an appearance.

Question – What on Vagan did they do to Asemu?

IMAGE to Follow.

Price = ¥1390
Pages = 358
Language = Japanese
Gimmik/Freebie = 1/144 Scale (NG) Gundam Kestral

I was rather intrigue when I saw Dengeki Hobby in a picture on Culture Japan So went about tracking down a copy. After ages of looking and not liking the results I remembered a company called Hobby Search They had it in stock so I ordered a copy. After a few hrs wait I got my receipt of ¥5,024 or £38.42 and nearly had a heart attack, “wow that’s and expensive mag”. After reading back through the receipt I realized the actual cost was only ¥1,324 and the rest was courier charges.

Well I ordered it on the 30th or march and it arrived yesterday (5th April) Now I understand the price tag, @ 358 pages this is no simple mag by UK standereds this is more of a catalog in terms of size (don’t let that put you off).
It’s full of article’s, has comics as well as the standered catalog items and will be a good read.

It come with a free kit (this month) of a 1/144 Gundam Kestral, in the Magazine it shows you how to assemble it into it’s strait build but also how to mod it to give it more articulation with clear instructions.

The molding of the kit is on par with that of my other Dengeki kits (GNR 000 SEFER) and my NG Aile strike.
Overall the magazing is great and the kit just tops it for me but at £38 per issue I will only be able to get the odd copy.

That’s all for now つづく

1 Week with and AGE Device


I had my Gundam AGE Device for over a week now and so far I have only got 3 points. I’ve mostly been playing Game 1 which is a catch type game (Translation not available for its name at this time as I can’t work out one kana!)

You start the game with 4 lives at the top of the screen, you have 3 minits ( I think) to catch things falling from the top of the screen which speed up as the game goes. If you loose all 4 lives before the timer then its game over, you get a score but 0 points. if you survive you get eather cool or ok and gain points. Not being able to find several of the kanji I can only guess that the points are awarded on how many lives you have survived with. I have played more then 10 games now and find I’m far too slow hence the reason for only 3 points.

On wards and up wards and keep playing.