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Someone took notice of my explorations and moved on to explore other sources for the cells.

Warning: I have been busy and haven’t been able to verify that this works!

Reader CMCristy started with what I wrote and when on to experiment, and wrote up his finding here.
I hope this is of help to fellow PSP owners.

PSP 110 Battery Revive, Part 2

PSP 110 Battery Revive, Part 2

All things seam to be working and reading correctly but I guess only time will tell.

PSP 110 Battery Revive.

Well After a bit of soldering and electronics jiggery pokery my PSP 110 battery is charging.

The internals of the PSP 110 battery

No wonder it failed when it was soldered like that.


This picture showing the internals of the battery including the Charge control and monitor board. By my guess the way the B+ terminal was soldered may have been responsible for it failing. I disconnected the battery from the pcb and checked the terminals to find they were reading 0.2 ish volts showing a dead cell. After cobbling a batter charger together to charge at 2.3v with very little milliamp’s and leaving it on for 11 hrs, I checked the cell voltage a various times to find it slowly climbing until it reached 2.3v.

Fearing it left on over night I disconnected the battery and charge and left it. The next morning I checked the voltage to find it still holding 2.3 v (2.34 v to be exact). I re-soldered the contacts (properly this time) popped it into my spare PSP 1003 to charge and now the charge light is on.

The only problem with this method is the pcb now no longer reads the charge rate properly! I hope that after continual charging and discharging it will recalibrate it’s self or I may have to find a way to reset the regulator board.

I hope others with this issue find it useful.


Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

I have a nice shiny new PSP battery so I can play my old games (Well blaze blue and 13ths Birthday) But Have had a new one turn up

Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

Until the Vita port is released in English (May or may-not happen) I have to dig out my old PSP’s ready.

In this box you get the Japanese UMD, a music CD and a Figma White Rock Shooter (which along was worth the £60 price tag)
. I’ve yet to play the game as it for my Birthday but can’t wait.

On the PS Vita side…. its a nice console but atm there is very little to do. I’m Playing Wipeout and Assassins creed III:Liberation and that’s about it. I tryed the free Fireworks AR game and got very board so Haven’t touch the other free AR Games. So far I’ve had to use the built in recovery menu 3 times as it keeps crashing. Not a good buy, I sould have picked up a PS3 and saved some money!

Dead Psp Battery!

Dead Psp Battery!

Last year my 2 official psp battery‘s dies and I had to buy new battery’s

I had one silver battery made by some accessories company’s so ordered 2 new ones.

I put one in my psp console and charged it up all fine but 1 year later the new one that never left it’s packing won’t charge and nether will the one that did charge!

They look official despite the recycle badge on them but with less then a years use I suspect there is something up with them.

Grr this is annoying!