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Spring is officially here (well going by the Anime calendar)!

How can I say this?
Several of the “Winter” Animes have come to an end ready for the next crop, but which ones ended?
This is a list of the ones that I have been watching that ended (in no particular order)

  • Schwarzesmarken
  • Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (has this actually finished?
  • Dimension W
  • Mobile Suit Iron Blodded Orphans
  • Durarara (after 3 seasons)
  • God Eater (that got dragged out)
  • Luck and Logic
  • Bubuki Buranki
  • Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri ( I hope this is just a season)
  • Heavy Object
  • Divine Gate
  • Active Raid

UPDATE 02-APRIL-2016: The following have now also finished.

  • Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation
  • Norn 9 + Norn.
  • Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

  • Musaigen no Phantom World

There are some still ongoing, but the new season has some good and bad surprises.

Ghost in the Shell has a new VR Video coming out that makes use of the current gen VR apps.

Mobile Suit UC (unicorn) should have the next episode out soon (and dare I guess the next thunderbolt episode should not be to far behind)

A second series of Asterisk wars (Gakusen Toshi Asterisk)

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (Koutetsujou no Kabaneri) a Steampunk Style anime


Along with  more anime’s that I am yet to pick through.

Will they be any good, it is to early to tell.

Ghost in the Shell Season 3

Well the news is now out. Ghost in the Shell Arise is comming out this year.

From what I can tell, it looks like a prequel. What I can’t tell if this will be for Ghost in the Shell Prequel or a GITS SAC Prequel (slight difference in the two). But who really care’s I hope I don’t have to wait ages before it come to the UK!

A new blog

In order to keep my Steampunk away from my main blog (Including my writing in steampunk) I have replaced my other blog.


Hopefully I will remember to update both at least once a week!

So what’s going on then?

Bleach series 9 is now out in the UK!

Girls und Panzer seams to have finished for this season! but there’s an OVA out.

Psyco pass seams to have finished for this season.

Code Brakers has finished.

Accel world is showing short OVA’s and is now up to 6

Still waiting for Appleseed XIII ! there are now 3 Parts to it and not a single part in the UK yet!

And stil no sign of Evangelion 3.3!

Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

I have a nice shiny new PSP battery so I can play my old games (Well blaze blue and 13ths Birthday) But Have had a new one turn up

Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

Until the Vita port is released in English (May or may-not happen) I have to dig out my old PSP’s ready.

In this box you get the Japanese UMD, a music CD and a Figma White Rock Shooter (which along was worth the £60 price tag)
. I’ve yet to play the game as it for my Birthday but can’t wait.

On the PS Vita side…. its a nice console but atm there is very little to do. I’m Playing Wipeout and Assassins creed III:Liberation and that’s about it. I tryed the free Fireworks AR game and got very board so Haven’t touch the other free AR Games. So far I’ve had to use the built in recovery menu 3 times as it keeps crashing. Not a good buy, I sould have picked up a PS3 and saved some money!

Well just catching up on ガソダム Gundam news thank’s to Gundam Guy and he has posted up a information on the 電撃ホビー Dengeki Hobby Magazine September 2012, with the September issue you get the addon parts for the 1/144 scale ガソダム Gundam Age Artemis which fits both AGE 1,2 & 3 but is really designed as a replacement for the AGE 2 Double Bullet Armour.

I’ve got it on my Shopping list ready!

Series 3 Episode 5 (EPS 33) of gundam age now up with subtitles


Bandai Armour Girls Project MS Girl Wing Gundam [EW ver]

  • Product Name – Bandai Armour Girls Project MS Girl Wing Gundam [EW ver]
  • Price – £49.89 (ebay seller Toysonline2002)
  • Box size – 240mm X 240mm X 50mm

Well after a long wait due to it being pre-order Mine turned up in the post this morning (Thank you ebay seller).

The model comes spread out over 2 clear trays (both have there own lids) stacked one on top of the other and supprising fit in a box only 240mm X 240mm X 50mm which compaired to Konami’s Bosuo Shinki is quite compact.

Top Tray
Bottom tray

The quality of the parts is on par with that from Konami and the paint work is very good how ever some parts feel a bit rubbery.

The print on the wings is very sharp (same about my photo’s)

I found the bits very hard to assemble and have broken a pin on he bra! warning this pin is tiny and the bits were very tight to put together!

I have realized that this is down to a little bit that goes between the boobs, remove that and it fits perfectly (just need to fix it). The fixing  of the parts is nice and tight alone with the stand but the stand does look a bit drab

Whats the point in posting this? on the back is a spoiler of a future product Wing Zero Custom wings! will this be just the wings or a full figure? we will have to wait and see.

After looking back over the model I realisd I was wrong about the above statement and the Wing zero Custom wings are from the Robot Spirits range. I don’t have any of those models but it’s on my shopping list. Overall I think it’s a very good models and I can’t wait to get the other one or more Gundam related girls.

That’s all for now.


ゲイジング Gage ing in the uk.

Well my Gage-ing Haro ゲイジング ハロ turned up and after a few hrs I’m quite impressed, the cute little ball is interesting and (something I forgot to mention earlier) is the only way to use the Builder series or AG series models with the chips.

The games are quite addictive and not to easy so as to prove challenging. Haro can communicate with the AGE device however unlike the picture DOES NOT click into it!, for the 2 to communicate you have to hold the two together.

Mine came with English+Japanese instructions however the translations leave a lot to be desired ( and looked up)

One thing I’ve just found out about is that the age device can be programed with the owners name however (and it is a big one) can only be done via the free play battle stations only found in Japan!
This is by no means a review of Gage-ing Haro ゲイジング ハロ, its just a quick into how ever in less then an hr I got 30 EXP pts bringing my total up to 101 EXP pts bringing me upto L3!

So for now keep reading and I will update soon!


So I missed Series 3 episode 3 (EPS 31) but back on track with Series 4 Episode 4 (EPS 32) of gundam age.


Well The invoice turned up after 7 days and been paid.

So What was the damage for buying a Gage-ing Haro ゲイジング ハロ?

Price = £50.61p

P&P = £9.49

Additional Charge’s = £10.20p (Import Vat), £8.00 (release fee)

Total = £78.30p

Hopefully It will be delevered on monday!