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I recently got ahold of one of these NEJE DK-8-KZ 1000mW Laser engravers and have been spending the weekend playing with it.

I haven’t got it to cut paper yet (haven’t got any spare paper) but have been engraving thin plywood.

While the working area is 36x36mm a resolution of 512x512mm it is still a lot of space to work on.

Being that it also runs on 5v means that once an image is uploaded to it, the laptop can be unplugged and the engraver run from a duel output phone charger (I have it running on an Anker)

the only slight issue a lot of people are getting is that it requires an un-signed driver and both Windows and OSX have trouble with it. This is down to the fact that it uses a CH340 USB to serial interface, which are becoming more common with Chinese “Knock-off” electronics.

Signed drivers do exist and a search of the internet will show them and they work well on OSX 10.11.06 (El Capitain). I haven’t upgraded to sierra yet even though it’s been out for ages so can’t say if it works on that.

While the software is a little simple, it means that a child of 12 years old can understand it. (yes I have tested a 12-year-old child with it!)

I have tested it with text and have been able to produce clear text readable at 2-3mm high.

This isn’t a full review and it needs a few mods to make it safe (the included glasses work but are rubbish) to make it safer for people who would like to watch it.

Well that is all I have for now as I have a few items to review and a few recycled tools to design for others to try and build.

So long for now.


Well, after 4 failed attempts to clone the old OSX HDD to the new 1TB seagate SSHD I finally got it to work using OSX‘s built in Disk Utility.

In the end user theratter gave me the answer

Clone El Capitan to a New Disk

  1. Restart the computer. Immediately after the chime hold down the Command–R keys until the Apple logo and progress bar appear.

  2. When the Utility Menu appears select Disk Utility and click on the Continue button.

  3. When Disk Utility loads select the disk (usually, the out-dented entry) from the side list.

  4. Click on the Partition tab in Disk Utility‘s main window. A panel will drop down.

  5. Set the partition scheme to GUID.

  6. Set the Format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.)

  7. Click on the Apply button, then click on the Done button when it activates.

  8. Select the new Seagate drive then select Restore from the Disk Utility’s Edit menu.

  9. From the dropdown menu select the volume you want to clone.

  10. Click on the Apply button to start the process.


After some struggle to remove the old drive the new drive works and after resetting the PRAM, the MackBooPro now boots super fast.

Thank you forum member theratter

So for 3 nights I have attempted to clone my old 512 GB hd to a new 1TB Seagate SSHD hybrid drive and for 3 night I have failed. I keep finding that it randomly disconnects with the “Drive incorrectly removed” message from OSX.

I have deactivated all the autolog out/shutdown setting but still getting this issue and its driving me crazy.

News has hit me of a new online Ghost in the shell game but guess what, if you don’t use Windows then your can’t play (well there are ways around it but thats not the point.

Its the same shit everytime, they think that everyone only use windows and nothing else exist. Someone need to beat sense into these game makers and force them to build OS X clients.

I have been using G.I.M.P SINCE 1999 (version 0.99b) but have only had a Macbook since late 2012.

A few months back I maxed out the ram to 16Gig but noticed that G.I.M.P was lagging when calling up commands and really struggling while working on a book cover (sys report showed only half the ram was in use!) its taken me ages but last week I found the issue.

When I upped the ram, I forgot to change a setting in G.I.M.P, this setting is “Tile Size”. Once I changed this to use 8 gig, G.I.M.P started working perfectly. If anyone is finding this issue, I hope this post helps you out!

Flux 4 for web design?

What a piece of crap!

I installed Flux 4 because it was recommended as the best web designer and so far I am not impressed.

It has the most unintuitive interface I have ever came across ever since the early (98) version of MS frontpage !

You can’t just open an existing HTML page, you can’t just create a single html page, and when creating a new project, nothing happens.

What a pile of crap and what a waste of money. If you have any idea how to do web design don’t expect flux 4 to be easy.

After bait of random google I discovered that my card reader is identified as

Broadcom Corporation|NetXtreme BCM57765 Memory Card Reader (vendor:14e4 device:16bc subv:14e4 subd:0000)

If I’m correct and judging by (Lack of) details in the system information panel, the reason that it doesn’t work anymore is because Maverics doesn’t have a working driver!

If I’m correct then I don’t think the osx 11 update will contain a driver for it and ill be left feeling screwed.

Just a clue that may be of interest to other Macbook Pro users with failed card readers.

16GB 13″MBP

Wow longtime no update.

In 2012 I took a chance and dumped windows laptop in favour of the over priced MacBook Pros. Apart of software lacking in places I have to say that I have never looked back. currently I have a 13″ MBP which I squeeze into my camera bag and take everywhere among with a first gen iPad mini.

My Last holiday I took over 400 photo’s of castles in sony raw format but when it came to processing them the MBP’s stoke 4 gig of ram just ran out (was down to 38MB of ram and commands lagging.) I took a chance and raided my saving to max out the ram on the little laptop to what crucial offered.

Point to note – Apple say that the 13″ can only run 8GB however the Crucial tool say 16GB. The issue has to do with what apple sets up as a bios type file (Not sure how to name them as its sort of midway between a bios and os boot files.)

But anyway, I upgraded the Ram and started to get problems, boot times slowed to that of a kettle boiling water. After a bit of a search I found I had to reset the pram files using CMD+OPT+H+P but I don’t have the OPT key on mine. After more google I found out that OPT is actually ALT and on some of the older keyboards OPT is still printed. 

While I can now finished editing the photo’s without long waits between issuing commands, I have noticed a few other issues cropping up.

While playing portal (Valve/Halflife spinoff) The magsafe connector and associated electrics run very hot! unlike my Windows 7 laptop, the MBP didn’t freeze, but its still worrying to feel such heat.

Other points to note that cause increased boot times.
Colour Vision’s Spider elite software is causing boot delays and the gallery app needed to calibrate the iPad via mavarics is also causing issues. I need to spend more time trying to work things out but apart from that, dumping my bt modem for the apple Airport extreme means that my wifi connections are far more reliable.

Well I am surprised, this has to be the first time I have ever been picked in a draw.

My Xmos Startkit arrived today (12-December-2013) I have the software installed on OSX 10.9 and working but now too tired to even play with the demo’s!

Thank you Xmos.com

Cracking pageplus files on mac osx to recover information.

Well so far I have not found anything on mac to read Pageplus files. Not knowing what to do with them I installed and ran the file through “Synalyze It!” this program show the hex code of a file.

While picking through the code I found references to xml files, the preverbial light bulb came on and I worked out why I was not able to retrieve the data from the file.

.ppp files are not a single file but a package of files and folders. Renaming the file from ****.ppp to ****.zip allowed me to extract the content of the package into a series of folders and files.

Within the folder I found a set of folders and .xml files but it was one folder in particular that stood out.

in the folder Story was a single file called 1.xml, opening up the file in Safari I found my work. It was completely unformatted but I was able to copy the text out and past it into Mac “Pages” for editing and finishing.

I hope this is of help to someone out there.