AGE Device level 2

Well I’ve got to 50pts and finally reached level 2!

I gave another look at the points screen and realized it has 4 box’s for a total of 9999 EXP. With those numbers I wonder if the age 2 evolution is set far higher then I thought! I could be set to something like 3333 EXP or something stupid like if you hit the 9999 limit then it might change to Age 2 before resetting the numbers!

*Shudder’s* I thought this was too easy. Is there anyone that fancy sending me one of the shop machines for free?

On a side note I do believe that aether Bandi are up to something with the arcade machine or they have missed on on an opportunity.

With the P.O.D machine and up coming games they could have redesigned the pilot card interface to accept the Age Device and save pilot exp to it!

I don’t know about any ware else but around my part of the world Arcade are dieing out due to modern games console. The thought of purchasing new machines must not be appealing o arcade owners now so how long will machine be shipped out of Japan I don’t know but man I wish I could go there and see there machines!

That’s all for now つづく