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Muv Luv Total Eclipse : Alternative Ending.

Well Muv Luv Total Eclipse : Alternative  is coming to an ending and the folowwing is the Opening and closing songs.

Minima Kurabayshis : doubt the world


Ayami : Revise the World


Anime and Games.

Anime and Games.

So what am I watching lately?

Well on DVD

  • Bleach Series 8 (finialy arrived on our shores)
  • Soul Eater
  • Claymore
  • Strike Witches Series 2

Online thanks to my favorate host I’m waching

I’ve also upgraded my replaced my ageing First gen PSP with the new PS Vita in order to play Assasins creed 3 Liberation and Wipeout but I have now got to charge up the old machine to play

  • Blaze blue Continuum shift
  • Black Rock Shooter
  • Accel world

Its very short but will update later