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What anime to watch.

A batch of Anime’s have now finished there runs and its time for the next batch.

Starting this month, my watch list contains.

Secound Season

Infinite Stratos Season 2,
Magic The Kingdom of magic. (Labyrinth of magic Season 2),


Gatchaman Crowds http://www.best-animes.tv/anime/gatchaman-crowds/

RWBY, http://www.best-animes.tv/anime/rwby/
BTW – The opening for this is “This will be the day” by Jeff Williams (Roosterteeth) and is available from both amazon and iTunes.

New Series

Coppelion. http://www.best-animes.tv/anime/coppelion/

New seasons hoping for.

Psycho Pass Season 2

On a more Positive note, my apple tv 3rd gen has been updated with the crunchy roll channel so now I can watch anime without having to boot the mac book pro first.

Strike Witches Season 3?????

Strike Witches Season 3?????

Just watched Strike Witches Season 2 and after the credits run it cuts to a beach scene showing the Sword and the Proto super Strike unit Used by Yoshika Miyafuji) and a shadow spreading over them.

Could professor Miyafuji still be alive and will there be a 3rd season?

Who knows