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News has hit me of a new online Ghost in the shell game but guess what, if you don’t use Windows then your can’t play (well there are ways around it but thats not the point.

Its the same shit everytime, they think that everyone only use windows and nothing else exist. Someone need to beat sense into these game makers and force them to build OS X clients.

Catcing up with Gundam.

Well of late I have been making use of online services to catch up on the Gundam/Mobile suit series I hadn’t seen before.

Using http://www.animedreaming.tv I have been watching the following :-

I have to give a shout out to services like this because in the UK not all of them are available (or available for a reasonable price (Under £20 for a single disk!) so Thank’s Anime dreaming for proving a continued service!

Quake Live

Quake live.

Quake live.

Well I’m back wasting time on Quake games by id softwere this time all can play.
Quake live is an online multiplayer with the feel of the old Q3Arena game. So far I’m hooked and spending more time on it then on working on my Warhammer Dwarfs army.
I really must prioritise my hobbys.