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You can’y make dark faced Meters with Yellow trim?

Fluke Vs Spark fun.

It’s just come to light that Sparkfun (this will effect other companies too) have just lost about $30,000 on Digital Multi Meters due to some obscure patient filed by Fluke. Under Patient 75934005 A company cannot use a DMM with a design that consists of the colors dark gray and yellow as applied to the goods. 

This will cause problems not only for Sparkfun (who will change there design to red unless someone else complains) and many of the other DMM companies.

You can follow the problem here – Fluke your killing us

Xenta DV1013

Xenta DV1013

I ordered a Xenta DV1013 from amazon as it was advertised as a cheep multi region player how ever when I plug it it to watch a region 1 anime all I got was “Wrong Region” hump what crap I thought but couldn’t be bothered to return it as it matched the rest of my setup.
Well after a bit off googleing I found this guide on the ebuyer forum:

1. Power on the DVD Player
2. Press ‘Setup’ on the remote
3. Enter ‘9735’ on the keypad
4. On top right of the screen a number should appear 0-6
5. Select number you want for Region Coding (0 being no region so will play all films)
6. Press ‘OK’ on remote, then ‘Setup’ to close menu
7. Every Region of DVD should now play on the DVD Player.

Tryed it and the instructions work. Just need to borrow a dvd to test it.

Apart from that is supposed to be a nifty little device. I suppose Ill do a full test when dvds work.