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Media Streaming Part 1

With Modern technology it seams wrong not to setup media streaming in your house.
The following is what I have learnt fighting with my setup. Currently my setup consist of
Server = Windows 7 laptop
Sony Erricson SK17i.

Cyberlink Powerdvd 11
Cyberlink power dvd remote.

The Phone is advertised as DLNA which is supposed to be even easer then UPnP and its taken me all this time to get this working.
What was the culprit I hear you ask?
The Firewall!
I’m currently running ESET 5 and I had to disable Windows Firewall (a must if you install another proper firewall) then I had to reset Esets rules then rebuild them in interactive mode! but that still didn’t work (loosing hope at this time).
1st up go into Windows and set iTunes to share on a network, go into Cyberlink and set what you would like to share,then go into windows explorer and set which folders you want to share (Plenty of guides on the interwebs for that)
After a visit to google and youtube I found out first I have to connect the phone to the house’s wifi (Well duh I hear you say) but there is another step, Hidden in the setting is the media server!
If your on the same phone as me then you need to go to “connected Devices”, select a name and connect to a server which should be you PC.
Mine wouldn’t work at first so I had to wait for 10 mins how ever while I still had the windows explorer opened I went to the network folder and opened that. This folder shows what it can see on a network and for a while my phone was not recognised, after 10 mins it appeared and flicking back to my phone it also showed my pc and connected to it!
Step 1 down!
At this point go back to the phones home screen and select the photo/video icon, find a video and hold your finger on the video’s icon untill a green tick appears.
Click on the setting button then click share, now find “Play on device” in the next screen click on a Player device in none appear start up windows media player
at it should appear on the phone with a play button under it.
Click “Play” and wait till it starts playing on the computer.
Good 1 Application down !
Next, time for Cyberlink!
Load up Cyberlink on the pc, click music then click DLNA and your phone should appear!
Now click on device and you shouldn’t see anything except requests from the firewall, Start the Cyberlink app on your phone and you need to accept all firewall requests from the Cyberlink application and the phones IP address (Obtainable from the network devices menu of windows explorer)
If all worked then again your server should appear on the phone click it and it will take you to the apps media menu which will allow you to chose which part of Powerdvd you want to control. If your still with me all the better.
Next to get media from the pc to the phone, if the above is all working this will be easy.
First download and install “Skifta” to your phone,
Click on the little arrow of step one to select a server,
Click on the little arrow of step two to select the media player of choice on your phone
Click on browse and play media
The select the media you want to watch/listen to on phone!.
Told you it was easy.

Now for iTunes and Airplay.
That’s it for now as I have to go and win an auction for an airport express!

Maplins Noontech Gigaview A50FW

Well Maplins are selling these @ £39.99 Maplins Noontech Gigaview A50FW
First thoughts are “ouu cheep media enclosure”, I snapped it up and headed for home.
Well anyway I popped open my laptop (Ubuntu 7.10) opened up my video folder and started dropping vids on to my MSDP and XD card.
I slapped them in the enclosure (1 @ a time) and tryed to play them,
hmn these psp formatted rips didn’t work,
Downloaded avi’s didn’t work
the only thing that worked was a .mov file.
Thinking “well that’s crap” I opened up DVD::RIP and transcoded a copy of FMP EPS1 to and mpg.
copied to xd card – Didn’t work, WTF?
copied to MSDP – worked but stuttered.
Copied to some 10.8 gig hd (9.8 formatted in fat 32)
Well that works ok, that will do for me next up mp3’s
Putting the cards back where they came from I slapped some tunes from a scooter album and stated playing them.
The unit has a built in equalizer type jobbie but it was very slow keeping up with the music.
Being curious about its working I pulled out the main board and starting looking at the chips.
The biggest chip I assume Is the main driver chip and has Power media V1.0 written on it.
After a bit of google I find absolutely nothing on the technical specs of this unit, So no chance of hacking it.
The old “you get what you pay for” speaks true for this unit,
Cheep aluminium case, crap gui and slow read/write on internal hd’s.
If this could be hacked I’m sure the bugs could be fixed how ever google does show 2 different version of this unit, one with a square button, one with a round button.
Ill play with this some more and test out the vob playback and the post some more comments.