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ゲイジング Gage ing in the uk.

Well my Gage-ing Haro ゲイジング ハロ turned up and after a few hrs I’m quite impressed, the cute little ball is interesting and (something I forgot to mention earlier) is the only way to use the Builder series or AG series models with the chips.

The games are quite addictive and not to easy so as to prove challenging. Haro can communicate with the AGE device however unlike the picture DOES NOT click into it!, for the 2 to communicate you have to hold the two together.

Mine came with English+Japanese instructions however the translations leave a lot to be desired ( and looked up)

One thing I’ve just found out about is that the age device can be programed with the owners name however (and it is a big one) can only be done via the free play battle stations only found in Japan!
This is by no means a review of Gage-ing Haro ゲイジング ハロ, its just a quick into how ever in less then an hr I got 30 EXP pts bringing my total up to 101 EXP pts bringing me upto L3!

So for now keep reading and I will update soon!


Well The invoice turned up after 7 days and been paid.

So What was the damage for buying a Gage-ing Haro ゲイジング ハロ?

Price = £50.61p

P&P = £9.49

Additional Charge’s = £10.20p (Import Vat), £8.00 (release fee)

Total = £78.30p

Hopefully It will be delevered on monday!