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So yet I have ground to a holt on the design side of things as I have found yet another broken function on the OS X version of 123d Design.

I need to mirror an object but if I select the object then Mirror, it will desolate the object and refuse to select any part of it 😦

After bait of random google I discovered that my card reader is identified as

Broadcom Corporation|NetXtreme BCM57765 Memory Card Reader (vendor:14e4 device:16bc subv:14e4 subd:0000)

If I’m correct and judging by (Lack of) details in the system information panel, the reason that it doesn’t work anymore is because Maverics doesn’t have a working driver!

If I’m correct then I don’t think the osx 11 update will contain a driver for it and ill be left feeling screwed.

Just a clue that may be of interest to other Macbook Pro users with failed card readers.

Free Ultraviolet copy!!

Free Ultraviolet copy!!
This is a joke Sony, you say just to register for free account with UV then you go installing crap I don’t need or want this you decide that you want me use use faulty software to download the movie.

Again your a joke why don’t you piss off and stop pulling shit like this on your users!

I want a refund on all these (so called) free UV digital movie copies I brought!