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Printer broke again!

Smheaterbroke1 Smheaterbroke2

Yup hot end cables snagged on the object being printed and snapped the heater.

Purse i3 = Paper weight.

Well everything was fine, then I sent a 1 1/2 hr long print through it and it printed it mirrored.
Went back through the Diagnosing and commissioning and realised I muddled up x and y axis (always getting left and right wrong. changed them over re-ran the test and it now works correctly, run the test extrude and fine.
send an object through to print and Noting, zero, zilch. will not extrude!
Run the test extrude via print run and works fine, re-run the print and failed to extrude
It printed this object fine before.
This is really getting on my nerves now!

Edit: This IS NOT a manufacture issue, going by a forum post on riprap forums, it’s an issue with the ABS filament!

ooznest work hard to provide good helpful support on their Facebook page!

Prometheus Bluray+Powerdvd=FAIL


Prometheus Bluray+Powerdvd=FAIL

Being a fan of Alien, I nabbed a copy of this on Bluray and boy am I unhappy with it due to having to rely of shitty stores like PC World I’m using Power DVD 11 (the latest available in there store a few months back).

I popped the disk into the tray and closed it. PDVD pops up a message to say I need an update so I click OK

“Download interrupted “

What the must be this crappy IE playing up I though to my self but no nether firefox or Chrome is able to get the update and they both report the same issue.

I hope my stand alone player doesn’t have this issue or else its make the disk worthless and will be returned to the shop.

Well there go my joy for tonight!