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A new blog

In order to keep my Steampunk away from my main blog (Including my writing in steampunk) I have replaced my other blog.


Hopefully I will remember to update both at least once a week!

So what’s going on then?

Bleach series 9 is now out in the UK!

Girls und Panzer seams to have finished for this season! but there’s an OVA out.

Psyco pass seams to have finished for this season.

Code Brakers has finished.

Accel world is showing short OVA’s and is now up to 6

Still waiting for Appleseed XIII ! there are now 3 Parts to it and not a single part in the UK yet!

And stil no sign of Evangelion 3.3!

End of Seasons

End of Seasons.

Well the following Tv and Anime seasons have come to an end this month.

Gundam AGE
Dr Who
Sword art online (SAO)
Accel World

However we all know that Dr Who will be back at Christmas!
Sword Art Online (SAO) Will be back with the Episode “Return”
Accel World finished with a very open ending but there are 2 OVA’s coming out so we can expect a new series

Now I just wish Bleach Season 8 (complete box set) and the Appleseed XIII Films would come out in the UK!

Nerf Rayvern CS-18 = Ghost in the Shell?

While browsing the local supermarket I came across the Nerf Rayven CS-18 and couldn’t help noticed that it looked alot like something from Appleseed or Ghost In the Shell Could this be a good base model for some Ghost in the shell Cosplay props?