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16GB 13″MBP

Wow longtime no update.

In 2012 I took a chance and dumped windows laptop in favour of the over priced MacBook Pros. Apart of software lacking in places I have to say that I have never looked back. currently I have a 13″ MBP which I squeeze into my camera bag and take everywhere among with a first gen iPad mini.

My Last holiday I took over 400 photo’s of castles in sony raw format but when it came to processing them the MBP’s stoke 4 gig of ram just ran out (was down to 38MB of ram and commands lagging.) I took a chance and raided my saving to max out the ram on the little laptop to what crucial offered.

Point to note – Apple say that the 13″ can only run 8GB however the Crucial tool say 16GB. The issue has to do with what apple sets up as a bios type file (Not sure how to name them as its sort of midway between a bios and os boot files.)

But anyway, I upgraded the Ram and started to get problems, boot times slowed to that of a kettle boiling water. After a bit of a search I found I had to reset the pram files using CMD+OPT+H+P but I don’t have the OPT key on mine. After more google I found out that OPT is actually ALT and on some of the older keyboards OPT is still printed. 

While I can now finished editing the photo’s without long waits between issuing commands, I have noticed a few other issues cropping up.

While playing portal (Valve/Halflife spinoff) The magsafe connector and associated electrics run very hot! unlike my Windows 7 laptop, the MBP didn’t freeze, but its still worrying to feel such heat.

Other points to note that cause increased boot times.
Colour Vision’s Spider elite software is causing boot delays and the gallery app needed to calibrate the iPad via mavarics is also causing issues. I need to spend more time trying to work things out but apart from that, dumping my bt modem for the apple Airport extreme means that my wifi connections are far more reliable.


New MacBookPro User

After my old Win 7 Laptop started to fail I thought it was time for a new laptop. I popped around to a local pc shop to see what was available but was saddened by the horrible Win 8 UI that they came with (along with a lack of any included software) Spying the Apple counter I went over to have a chat. At nearly twice the price of a Win 8 equivalent My wallet would be groaning for a few months but at least my mind would be happy.

The Mac interface is a bit different to how a windows pc works but once you find the Lauchpad which displays all the icon on one screen everything becomes so easy.

I’ve transfered all my written work to Pages with out much work (well once I got it converted from Pageplus format).

Internet traveling is so much better, I don’t know if it’s just Safari or safari on the MBP but only having to type the first 2 or 3 letters from a web address of a visited site and having the correct address auto complete is amazing in my books.

I haven’t made much use of the App store or iTunes (I get my MP3’s from Amazon due to using my Sony Xperia phone to play music) or have I used alot of the preinstalled software, but what I have used has me impressed.

I know this is not even remotely like a review and I’m still learning how to use it and maybe one day I’ll get around to writing a proper review but with two 2200 story’s that need writing and submitting to a competition by Jan 10th 2013 I’ve got a lot of work to do.