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Years ago, a magazine came out with parts to build a nitro racer RC car. After all these years I finally got mine running. Still adjusting it to run properly but at least got the thing runing around the local park, and, unlike the electric seburo (also given on a mag) this thing runs on grass!

Enjoy a little video of it’s first startup since being assembled and dumped in the loft.

New toys !

My old S5000 died at christmas (bless its digital soul) so I went out to buy a new camera. After 30mins in the camera shop I’m £512 down.
Why? well I treated myself to a new Sony A230 DSLR (18-55mm kit lens) with a Tamaron 75-30mm lens, spare battery and a new bag.
When I got home I nearly had a heart attack at the price.
After visiting various sites I’m told I need a 50mm F1.8 lens but these are hard to find and the old Minolta f1.7 AF is rare as gold (not good) remembering I had a 35mm slr I rummaged through the bag and thought I struck lucky, I found a minolta 50mm F1.7 MD.
What’s MD? well its the old manual lens and the MD mount is much smaller, back on the interweb (or more particularity ebay) and adapters are available for the lens but most people say they are not good 😦 oh well back to the drawing board.
Oh well heres a test shot taken over at the local village church.

The old school I spent my infancy in

The old school I spent my infancy in