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Over on my other blog i mentioned my antique K3K died and had to get a new reader. I picked the PaperWhite over the Voyager due to the price but had an issue, my K3k case isn’t available for any other model.

In the spirit of “Make do and Mend” out came the measuring device and 3d printer and printed out an adapter (blue thing)

The digital side of my callipers is not accurate and resulted in the adapter being 20mm to small. with a bit of glue and patient it’s still usable and means I can recycle my old case!

Marumi M-55S200 2.0X telephocal adapter.

Marumi M-55S200 2.0X telephocal adapter.

Thank you for your Enquiry Saurabh and sorry it took so long to get around to it.

Above is the test image taken on a Sony A230 18-55mm @18mm focus. On the left is the shot without the Marumi and the right is with the lens.
To me the magnification looks fine how ever not visable in the shot, around the edges are blurred. Wither its because I still can’t take picture on the DSLR I don’t know. give it another year I’ll try again how ever before I close I will say that the Fujifilm version doesn’t work on the sony lens as there is a 3mm lip on it holding it aways from the sony’s lens threads.