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Well just catching up on ガソダム Gundam news thank’s to Gundam Guy and he has posted up a information on the 電撃ホビー Dengeki Hobby Magazine September 2012, with the September issue you get the addon parts for the 1/144 scale ガソダム Gundam Age Artemis which fits both AGE 1,2 & 3 but is really designed as a replacement for the AGE 2 Double Bullet Armour.

I’ve got it on my Shopping list ready!

Series 3 Episode 5 (EPS 33) of gundam age now up with subtitles


ゲイジング Gage ing in the uk.

Well my Gage-ing Haro ゲイジング ハロ turned up and after a few hrs I’m quite impressed, the cute little ball is interesting and (something I forgot to mention earlier) is the only way to use the Builder series or AG series models with the chips.

The games are quite addictive and not to easy so as to prove challenging. Haro can communicate with the AGE device however unlike the picture DOES NOT click into it!, for the 2 to communicate you have to hold the two together.

Mine came with English+Japanese instructions however the translations leave a lot to be desired ( and looked up)

One thing I’ve just found out about is that the age device can be programed with the owners name however (and it is a big one) can only be done via the free play battle stations only found in Japan!
This is by no means a review of Gage-ing Haro ゲイジング ハロ, its just a quick into how ever in less then an hr I got 30 EXP pts bringing my total up to 101 EXP pts bringing me upto L3!

So for now keep reading and I will update soon!


So I missed Series 3 episode 3 (EPS 31) but back on track with Series 4 Episode 4 (EPS 32) of gundam age.


Well The invoice turned up after 7 days and been paid.

So What was the damage for buying a Gage-ing Haro ゲイジング ハロ?

Price = £50.61p

P&P = £9.49

Additional Charge’s = £10.20p (Import Vat), £8.00 (release fee)

Total = £78.30p

Hopefully It will be delevered on monday!

Just a quick Post, Epsiode 30 is now available to watch online, a return of an old friend but more questions are raised.

As a spoiler (of sorts) if you know were to look you can find out what happened to Kio’s father (Asem ) and what the Skull and crossbone is about!

Oh and from a quick search it looks like a possible upgrade to the battle machine found in the Japanese shops.

AGE Device level 2

AGE Device level 2

Well I’ve got to 50pts and finally reached level 2!

I gave another look at the points screen and realized it has 4 box’s for a total of 9999 EXP. With those numbers I wonder if the age 2 evolution is set far higher then I thought! I could be set to something like 3333 EXP or something stupid like if you hit the 9999 limit then it might change to Age 2 before resetting the numbers!

*Shudder’s* I thought this was too easy. Is there anyone that fancy sending me one of the shop machines for free?

On a side note I do believe that aether Bandi are up to something with the arcade machine or they have missed on on an opportunity.

With the P.O.D machine and up coming games they could have redesigned the pilot card interface to accept the Age Device and save pilot exp to it!

I don’t know about any ware else but around my part of the world Arcade are dieing out due to modern games console. The thought of purchasing new machines must not be appealing o arcade owners now so how long will machine be shipped out of Japan I don’t know but man I wish I could go there and see there machines!

That’s all for now つづく

Catcing up with Gundam.

Well of late I have been making use of online services to catch up on the Gundam/Mobile suit series I hadn’t seen before.

Using http://www.animedreaming.tv I have been watching the following :-

I have to give a shout out to services like this because in the UK not all of them are available (or available for a reasonable price (Under £20 for a single disk!) so Thank’s Anime dreaming for proving a continued service!

Well I don’t know what the levels may be set at but I’m now up to 40 EXP point’s and still no change to AGE 2.

2 more days till pay day then I can order a Gageing Haro and 1/144 AG Age 2 normal, lets see if that makes a difference.

On the Subject of AGE 2 Normal I’m thinking of getting 2, one in the normal colors and one in what I call White Wolf. It looks like Asemu painted it White after Woolf Enneacle was killed.
If you haven’t seen it Already episode 29 is watchable online and there a black Modded Age 2 to make an appearance.

Question – What on Vagan did they do to Asemu?

IMAGE to Follow.

Price = ¥1390
Pages = 358
Language = Japanese
Gimmik/Freebie = 1/144 Scale (NG) Gundam Kestral

I was rather intrigue when I saw Dengeki Hobby in a picture on Culture Japan So went about tracking down a copy. After ages of looking and not liking the results I remembered a company called Hobby Search They had it in stock so I ordered a copy. After a few hrs wait I got my receipt of ¥5,024 or £38.42 and nearly had a heart attack, “wow that’s and expensive mag”. After reading back through the receipt I realized the actual cost was only ¥1,324 and the rest was courier charges.

Well I ordered it on the 30th or march and it arrived yesterday (5th April) Now I understand the price tag, @ 358 pages this is no simple mag by UK standereds this is more of a catalog in terms of size (don’t let that put you off).
It’s full of article’s, has comics as well as the standered catalog items and will be a good read.

It come with a free kit (this month) of a 1/144 Gundam Kestral, in the Magazine it shows you how to assemble it into it’s strait build but also how to mod it to give it more articulation with clear instructions.

The molding of the kit is on par with that of my other Dengeki kits (GNR 000 SEFER) and my NG Aile strike.
Overall the magazing is great and the kit just tops it for me but at £38 per issue I will only be able to get the odd copy.

That’s all for now つづく