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Been to long since I updated anything but at last I have done some painting and modeling.

Kharn is a combination of Horus Heresy and Post Heresy colours

My army is (mostly full) unfinished gather together.

A couple more units

Well Been along time Since I have remembered to update this, so……

1st After 3 years I had to dump my bicycle and buy a new one,after keeping to the sub £200 market I finally had enough (probably spent the same and what I initially paid for the old bike in repairs!)

My new bike is a Forme Elements ( well with one or 2 alterations thanks to Ralphs cycles of Taunton)
Forme Element
And so far I’m quite happy with it but for the problem that my knees are now hurting due to inflamation of the joint (nothing to do with the new bike, just coincidence that it flared up with the new bike).
The bike cost £499 but I got it for £399. It is incredibly light weight for its size and came with a lifetimes free servicing, sweet, Just hope I last for a long time.

2nd – Wargames

Well Got board and decided to start another Warhammer 40K army so Now I Have 3(4) 40K armies !
World Eaters (Chaos Space marines),
Forces of Ultramar,
Add to that 2 Warhammer fantasy Armies
High elves,
And a whole host of other models from various companies (Pegasus, Sodapop miniatures).
I should really be out painting *groan*.

3rd electronics
After looking for a Cheep Internet tablet I went for the Superpad III, this is an android powered Chinese tablet in the sub £150 market and so far I’m happy with it.
I’m trying to get into electronics and wanted an Oscilloscope Seeing the Arm DSO quad from seed studio really I cheep I ordered one unfortunately It’s stuck @ Chinese customs and my supplier is doing everything to solve this problem (Thank you for you help!).
I’ve also invested in an Arduino Uno with the intention of Home automation however, I came across a Netduino Plus
Netduino Plus
which has a built in ethernet shield for the same price, I just hope I keep remember how to program it. After having had the ceeling in my room replace due to asbestos I now have LED lighting in the room making the whole automation process simpler.

I just need to remember to update this and learn how to use all my new toys.

Painting bone & white

Showing how the white skulls stand out on ble armour.

Showing how the white skulls stand out on ble armour.

Well came across a realativly simple way for painting Bone and white colour models.

Prime area in skull white,
Paint surface in bleaced bone,
(the above can be skipped if primed in Army painter bone primer)
Dry brush skull white,
Cover in Gryphone Sepia,
Drybrush in skull white.

To make it more white keep drybrushing in skull white to desired shade.

What an arse !!

Well as the Chairman of the towns only known out of school wargames club you would have expected me to be nice to one of the new members but no I was down right rotten to him (an in front of his dad too!!)

Why I hear you ask?
I didn’t want to play Warmachine I had turned up with all the scenery for the another members to use and watch another Warmachine game as I really suck (in terms of gamers I a total noob!) Not taking no for an answer he pushed and pushed and I gave in and played a rotten game beeting him into a pulp untill another member joined him and beet me ! grabbing all my models I threw then in the case and smashed a tape measure throwing it into a case.

Arse I suck at all games and I don’t know why I bother at times.

Nevermind I’m away now for 2 weekend’s maybe I will have calmed down by the time I get back to club !