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I don’t normally support things on Kickstarter as I’m scared that the project will fail and I’ll loose my money ( I have seen it happen,) however I friend on mine told me about the project and for the first time I jumped on board.

The project in question is the Robotics Construction Kit by Geeekclub

The project was successfully funded, but there was an issue with the email (i had the wrong email in my kickstarter account.) With the help of my friend acting as middleman we managed to get the email sorted out and now I am 1220th inline to get my kit.


Complete early bird kit images borrowed from the kickstarter page.

I didn’t really need all the tools but, for once I had some spare pennies and decided to invest in the kit.

Feeling good about my investment (and board because this is written in the middle of the 2020 Covid19 Global Pandemic) I started to explore kickstarter to see what else is there.

Currently I have invested in the M5Stack range of products which includes 1515 aluminium extrusion and the Totem Makers system of plastic extrusion which are interesting and cross compatible due to the use of M3 Fittings used by both.

Going back onto the Kickstarter site I went looking for other project of interest. While searching I came across another successfully funded project called NanoBeam. NanoBeam is a system of tiny aluminium extrusion items with a profile of only 5mm X 5mm


NanoBeam components (image borrowed from website.

Unlike Totemmaker and M5Stack, the parts are too small to use M3 fittings and instead use M1 size fittings. I can’t wait until I have some money to invest in a kit to see what I can do with the kit.

What else can I find?

Next is the Makeblock Platform
3ffcb53935017a6c6203d868d9b4a548_original It is another construction system but I cant tell if the kickstarter was successful or not.

Anything Else?

Next up is MOSS
MOSS is a magnetic screw less construction kit but looking at the prices’ is out of my budget range.

Multiplo Another Robot construction system

I am sure there are loads of others worth mentioning but this post has already taken me nearly an hour to write and my own products that need finishing.

If you found this post useful, please drop me a message to say thanks.

OK call me distracted. While looking for Gunpla parts to 3d print I came across this

Neo Zeon 3D Printed Tripod.

Colour me Impressed, Wish I had the artistic skill for this!

Marumi M-55S200 2.0X telephocal adapter.

Marumi M-55S200 2.0X telephocal adapter.

Thank you for your Enquiry Saurabh and sorry it took so long to get around to it.

Above is the test image taken on a Sony A230 18-55mm @18mm focus. On the left is the shot without the Marumi and the right is with the lens.
To me the magnification looks fine how ever not visable in the shot, around the edges are blurred. Wither its because I still can’t take picture on the DSLR I don’t know. give it another year I’ll try again how ever before I close I will say that the Fujifilm version doesn’t work on the sony lens as there is a 3mm lip on it holding it aways from the sony’s lens threads.

New toys !

My old S5000 died at christmas (bless its digital soul) so I went out to buy a new camera. After 30mins in the camera shop I’m £512 down.
Why? well I treated myself to a new Sony A230 DSLR (18-55mm kit lens) with a Tamaron 75-30mm lens, spare battery and a new bag.
When I got home I nearly had a heart attack at the price.
After visiting various sites I’m told I need a 50mm F1.8 lens but these are hard to find and the old Minolta f1.7 AF is rare as gold (not good) remembering I had a 35mm slr I rummaged through the bag and thought I struck lucky, I found a minolta 50mm F1.7 MD.
What’s MD? well its the old manual lens and the MD mount is much smaller, back on the interweb (or more particularity ebay) and adapters are available for the lens but most people say they are not good 😦 oh well back to the drawing board.
Oh well heres a test shot taken over at the local village church.

The old school I spent my infancy in

The old school I spent my infancy in

Local photo comp rant

Well febuary marked a time for the local valantines day photography competition.

I don’t know who the judges were but the finial selection was total crap and well I’m sure the competition was fixed because the winner was the worst of the five finialist pictures.

Thought of the day: “Realy must get out more to take pictures”

By the way, my kit has grown a little bit with the addition of a circular polarization filter and a Marumi M-55S200 2.0X telephoto len.

New lens.

Got my new lens today, a Hoya +4 filter and when added to my new tripod (and the fact I read my camera’s manual) I have filially managed to take a photo of a model( that’s paint scheme was tripping out the camera)

Nice clean picture of my prototype Warhammer 40K Wraith Hawk

Its a prototype Warhammer 40K Wraith Hawk only known to exist on the Althan craftworld.