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My first foray into MG class 1/100 scale gundams and it’s a custom Wing Zero Proto and Universe booster.
This thing is 350mm wing tip to wing tip but is very back heavy and needs some additional work before I can strip it down and paint it.

Been to long since I updated anything but at last I have done some painting and modeling.

Kharn is a combination of Horus Heresy and Post Heresy colours

My army is (mostly full) unfinished gather together.

A couple more units

BLOG: 53rd Shizuoka Hobby Show – Gundam Build Fighters.


Some interesting things here but right at the bottom of the page ….

A second series of Gundam Build Fighters?

Better get my AG2 Vector and Talgeese MKIIIB finished.

Wargames conversion parts.

Instead of working on my Pre Heresy colour World Eaters army (Something I failed to finish last year (Curse you forge world, Curse you!)) I started looking around ebay for conversion parts. In my ebay travels I came across these makers, Anvil Industries, Kromlech, Maxmini and   the ebay seller known as Machinator248. Along with Scribor, we are seeing loads of excellent quality conversion parts and they deserve a big thanks for there hard work.

Machinator produces some gorgious conversion parts for tanks along with some very nice looking speeder/jet bike models.

Anvil Industries produces some conversion part for 28mm space soldiers. It was the Chain Glave’s and missle launcher that first caught my eye as the Chain Glaves when added to Forge Worlds Justaerin or Cataphracti terminator armours would (IMHO) make good looking Pre Heresy bodyguards for the forgeworld Angron.

Kromlech Produce both Vehicles and character conversion parts and the Zephyr Missle Launcher is the first I’ve seen to show two different missile types.

Maxmini Produce weapons and character conversion parts along with various other options.

These are just the ones I have found and I’m sure that are loads of others out there but so far I have only Had stuff from Scribor. So I hope that from the posts and messages I’ve seen around the web they continue to provide a service to the world.

Thanks guys, Orders will be on there way when I can find some Money (or should I say, Keep money away from Forgeworld!)

Well just catching up on ガソダム Gundam news thank’s to Gundam Guy and he has posted up a information on the 電撃ホビー Dengeki Hobby Magazine September 2012, with the September issue you get the addon parts for the 1/144 scale ガソダム Gundam Age Artemis which fits both AGE 1,2 & 3 but is really designed as a replacement for the AGE 2 Double Bullet Armour.

I’ve got it on my Shopping list ready!