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Free Ultraviolet copy!!

Free Ultraviolet copy!!
This is a joke Sony, you say just to register for free account with UV then you go installing crap I don’t need or want this you decide that you want me use use faulty software to download the movie.

Again your a joke why don’t you piss off and stop pulling shit like this on your users!

I want a refund on all these (so called) free UV digital movie copies I brought!

Ebay Enemy

Ebay Enemy

I have just added two members of Ebay to my grudge list!
The same 2 have been snapping up every faulty item of the same time even auto bidding and it’s getting to me.
Bunch of selfish twats that 3 you have taken why can’t you be satisfied and let someone else get one!

All I wan’t is one to play with!

What an arse !!

Well as the Chairman of the towns only known out of school wargames club you would have expected me to be nice to one of the new members but no I was down right rotten to him (an in front of his dad too!!)

Why I hear you ask?
I didn’t want to play Warmachine I had turned up with all the scenery for the another members to use and watch another Warmachine game as I really suck (in terms of gamers I a total noob!) Not taking no for an answer he pushed and pushed and I gave in and played a rotten game beeting him into a pulp untill another member joined him and beet me ! grabbing all my models I threw then in the case and smashed a tape measure throwing it into a case.

Arse I suck at all games and I don’t know why I bother at times.

Nevermind I’m away now for 2 weekend’s maybe I will have calmed down by the time I get back to club !