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Raspberrypi+lcd proc working.

So after three hours of shouting and swearing at my Raspberry Pi B I finally had LCDproc working on it.

The problem in the end came down to ttyS0 not existing. Because the MX232 runs via USB, no matter what I tried to change it to (RPI uses ttyUSB0) it wouldn’t take. In the end I remembered so arcane command and typed

sudo ln ttyUSB0 ttyS0 to create the node and link it to ttyUSB0.

Once that was done the lcd jumped to life! if this hold after a restart I don’t know but at least it’s working now!

Well I’m on 8.10 and still got wifi isses ( constantly disconnecting) but I solved my speed issues.
By issueing pre-up iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M and restarting the networking my speed went form 24 to 54M, Now that one issue solved.

Kworld crap
Well got a Kworld tv/monitor adapter used in twice and its stopped working ! upon exploring I found the PSU adapter has literally blown ! several components on it have blown apart !!
I’ve tryed to contact Kworld but had no response and like with the noontec jobbie I’ve lost the receipt.
Oh and Yahoo geocities are terminating there free and pay web hosting so its time to go shopping for a new host.

Ubuntu 7.10 & IPV6

Well all the networking issues with Ubuntu all seem to fall down to the same issue – IPV6 Its realience on this causes DNS and a whole lot of other issues with networking.

My tips for sorting out the networking?

1 Disable IPV6 in Firefox by typing about:config in the address bar and set network.dns.disableIPv6 to true.

2 Black list IPV6 in Ubuntu global by opening a terminal, typing sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
and adding blacklist ipv6 to the end of the file.

3 Don’t use the Gnome network monitor or nm_applet. Uninstall them and use Wifi Radar or WICD to select network.

4 Use Open DNS buy visiting

5 Try seting up a DNS cache.