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My first foray into MG class 1/100 scale gundams and it’s a custom Wing Zero Proto and Universe booster.
This thing is 350mm wing tip to wing tip but is very back heavy and needs some additional work before I can strip it down and paint it.

Been to long since I updated anything but at last I have done some painting and modeling.

Kharn is a combination of Horus Heresy and Post Heresy colours

My army is (mostly full) unfinished gather together.

A couple more units

BLOG: 53rd Shizuoka Hobby Show – Gundam Build Fighters.


Some interesting things here but right at the bottom of the page ….

A second series of Gundam Build Fighters?

Better get my AG2 Vector and Talgeese MKIIIB finished.

Gunpla Loot!

So spent the weekend down in London for the Chinese and had to pleasure to pay a visit to Tokyo toys and the Japan centre for a bit of shopping. While not having much of a budget I did make a few purchases. What I picked up was

Dengeki Hobby Jan 2013 (Cosmic falcon episode)

G Generation SD Wing Zero custom

Gundam Age AG Spallow and Titus

Gundam Age 3 AG Fortess.

That leaves me just Age 2 Double bullet, Age 3 Orbit and Dark Hound to complete the main lineup.

I need to start putting stuff on ebay as I’m running out of space  but before I go I have to let you know that there is another 3 shops hiding in soho (London) that also sell Gunpla and Nendoroid/Figma figures!

Good night all.


Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

I have a nice shiny new PSP battery so I can play my old games (Well blaze blue and 13ths Birthday) But Have had a new one turn up

Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

Until the Vita port is released in English (May or may-not happen) I have to dig out my old PSP’s ready.

In this box you get the Japanese UMD, a music CD and a Figma White Rock Shooter (which along was worth the £60 price tag)
. I’ve yet to play the game as it for my Birthday but can’t wait.

On the PS Vita side…. its a nice console but atm there is very little to do. I’m Playing Wipeout and Assassins creed III:Liberation and that’s about it. I tryed the free Fireworks AR game and got very board so Haven’t touch the other free AR Games. So far I’ve had to use the built in recovery menu 3 times as it keeps crashing. Not a good buy, I sould have picked up a PS3 and saved some money!

Well just catching up on ガソダム Gundam news thank’s to Gundam Guy and he has posted up a information on the 電撃ホビー Dengeki Hobby Magazine September 2012, with the September issue you get the addon parts for the 1/144 scale ガソダム Gundam Age Artemis which fits both AGE 1,2 & 3 but is really designed as a replacement for the AGE 2 Double Bullet Armour.

I’ve got it on my Shopping list ready!

Bandai Armour Girls Project MS Girl Wing Gundam [EW ver]

  • Product Name – Bandai Armour Girls Project MS Girl Wing Gundam [EW ver]
  • Price – £49.89 (ebay seller Toysonline2002)
  • Box size – 240mm X 240mm X 50mm

Well after a long wait due to it being pre-order Mine turned up in the post this morning (Thank you ebay seller).

The model comes spread out over 2 clear trays (both have there own lids) stacked one on top of the other and supprising fit in a box only 240mm X 240mm X 50mm which compaired to Konami’s Bosuo Shinki is quite compact.

Top Tray
Bottom tray

The quality of the parts is on par with that from Konami and the paint work is very good how ever some parts feel a bit rubbery.

The print on the wings is very sharp (same about my photo’s)

I found the bits very hard to assemble and have broken a pin on he bra! warning this pin is tiny and the bits were very tight to put together!

I have realized that this is down to a little bit that goes between the boobs, remove that and it fits perfectly (just need to fix it). The fixing  of the parts is nice and tight alone with the stand but the stand does look a bit drab

Whats the point in posting this? on the back is a spoiler of a future product Wing Zero Custom wings! will this be just the wings or a full figure? we will have to wait and see.

After looking back over the model I realisd I was wrong about the above statement and the Wing zero Custom wings are from the Robot Spirits range. I don’t have any of those models but it’s on my shopping list. Overall I think it’s a very good models and I can’t wait to get the other one or more Gundam related girls.

That’s all for now.