for a while now I have been looking at ideas for fitting a second Bulldog lite on my ooznest Prusa i3 but the wait of two extruders was bothering me. After a little chat I have decided to mount the bulldog lite’s (now have 2 off) on the frame and use a Bowden setup (is that the correct name?)

Below is my remixed hotend adjusted to accept two hexagon hotends with the push fittings fitted through the holes at the top.


Duel Hexagon Hotend mount

To use this you need to remove the Bulldog and mount from the X-Carriage, remove the hot end from the bulldog lite and remove the brass insert from the hotend
Fit the rear section (shown in the above image) push in the hot ends, screw front section on over the top ends,
Screw the push fittings into the hotends via the top holes (some filing may be needed to the this section before the front piece is fitted.
Add the feed tube to the push fitting and push down the blue ring,
Remove the brass inserts from the bulldog lites and insert push fitting to both the feed and exit side.
Drill frame to mount the Bulldogs and fix.
Trim feed tube to fit into the bulldogs and fit into the push fittings.

Once this is done you will need to configure the firmware which I haven’t worked out yet.