What to do with a 4Gig Micro Drive?

I was looking through my music library on itunes and realised it was getting large (well for me) and I remembered my old 2nd Gig iPod mini. I realised that at 4 gig, there was no way I was going to get my music all on it (I have already had to purge the first Game of thrones audio box set from the laptop) so I looked at hacking the unit. There are many guide for this so I went ahead an ordered a kingston 16 gig compact flash. Swapping out the micro drive for the compact flash was a five minute task and after taking 3 tries to factory reset the ipod i got it to accept the 16 gig card.

All is now working much faster on the old pod and My music is now on one device.

My problem is now what to do with the 4 gig micro drive? (actually I have 2 after hacking a psp 4 gig hd made by datel)

Any suggestions?