Cracking pageplus files on mac osx to recover information.

Well so far I have not found anything on mac to read Pageplus files. Not knowing what to do with them I installed and ran the file through “Synalyze It!” this program show the hex code of a file.

While picking through the code I found references to xml files, the preverbial light bulb came on and I worked out why I was not able to retrieve the data from the file.

.ppp files are not a single file but a package of files and folders. Renaming the file from ****.ppp to ****.zip allowed me to extract the content of the package into a series of folders and files.

Within the folder I found a set of folders and .xml files but it was one folder in particular that stood out.

in the folder Story was a single file called 1.xml, opening up the file in Safari I found my work. It was completely unformatted but I was able to copy the text out and past it into Mac “Pages” for editing and finishing.

I hope this is of help to someone out there.