I had my Gundam AGE Device for over a week now and so far I have only got 3 points. I’ve mostly been playing Game 1 which is a catch type game (Translation not available for its name at this time as I can’t work out one kana!)

You start the game with 4 lives at the top of the screen, you have 3 minits ( I think) to catch things falling from the top of the screen which speed up as the game goes. If you loose all 4 lives before the timer then its game over, you get a score but 0 points. if you survive you get eather cool or ok and gain points. Not being able to find several of the kanji I can only guess that the points are awarded on how many lives you have survived with. I have played more then 10 games now and find I’m far too slow hence the reason for only 3 points.

On wards and up wards and keep playing.