Aka all my lights are flashing

I have had a Bosch Tassimo tea machine for a few years now but for the last year it’s not been used due to the flashing lights phenomenon.

Today I found out what the problem was (a task in it’s self!) Holding in the big button and powering on I noticed the heating light lit on its own briefly before all the others came on.
Pulling off the covers and poking a tourch inside it I noticed alot of air bubble in the pipes (not good for any kind of plumbling) I grabbed the cleaning disk and filled up the water tank.
Putting the disk in and closing the lid made no difference so I held down the big button, After 20 seconds the cleaning process started and water started pumping around thesystem (heater wasn’t making any noise) and I noticed the bubbles being pushed through the system.
After the 2nd cleaning cycle the air bubbles were nearly all gone and the heater started up, after another cleaning cycle all the lights (bar the “Heating”) went out and heating light came on.
I popped out the cleaning disk and refilled the the water tank and left it on for 10 mins and it starting brewing away!

So in the end my problem was airlock.

I’m posting this in the hope that it will help other’s, remember readers
Hold in the big button for a long time!
If this help please drop me a message.
Right I better pop out and put the rest of the screws back in.