Well as the Chairman of the towns only known out of school wargames club you would have expected me to be nice to one of the new members but no I was down right rotten to him (an in front of his dad too!!)

Why I hear you ask?
I didn’t want to play Warmachine I had turned up with all the scenery for the another members to use and watch another Warmachine game as I really suck (in terms of gamers I a total noob!) Not taking no for an answer he pushed and pushed and I gave in and played a rotten game beeting him into a pulp untill another member joined him and beet me ! grabbing all my models I threw then in the case and smashed a tape measure throwing it into a case.

Arse I suck at all games and I don’t know why I bother at times.

Nevermind I’m away now for 2 weekend’s maybe I will have calmed down by the time I get back to club !