Fist of I don’t care what TT’s legal twat’s say, TalkTalk are incompetent crooks.
From December 2007 onwards some arrogant twat was calling up mum almost everyday bullying her to change the broad band from BT to Talktalk. I happened to be there one day and answered the call to some rude women. Cutting the call very short, She asked me if mum wanted to change and I said I would need to check out the paper work first to witch she responeded with
“Why do you want to do that? I told you she will save money” in a rather rude manor.
After another short conversation I told her to fuck off with her bad attude and hung up on her( I do hope they recorded that).

After checking the paperwork we would indeed save money so went ahead and ordered it. 2 days later we lost the phone line,
“WTF” I said when I got home to find no broadband, phone or line.
Called up talk talk ( and after being sent around the houses because there several different company’s)and they said there was a problem with the broadband.
I asked when the phone line would be sorted and well they didn’t know. After a week of only using a mobile for contact I called again and they were still having issues so I ordered them to cancal the change over and we would go elseware.
Being a sky user we chose skybroad band using there own hardware (well @ £10 PCM for the max package it was better then BT broad band )and back to bt for line and calls.
Well all was ok for a month then I came home to find the broadband not working,”WTF” I’m again thinking. Called up sky and BT and was told sky had cancelled the broadband because bt had been ordered to cancel the line rental, huh why would I do that when I have a perfectly working system now?
Pluging in the tt modem I figured had been sent by mistake I find I’m now on Talk talk.
For Fuck sake We had cancelled then and now they have taken to stealing customers and forcing them to use there crap service.
Well Were now stuck on this shit service and not lickly to change providers anytime soon.

I’n closing : Nobody in there right mind should use Talktalk and tell them to fuck off as soon as they call up.