Maplins Noontech Gigaview A50FW

Well Maplins are selling these @ £39.99 Maplins Noontech Gigaview A50FW
First thoughts are “ouu cheep media enclosure”, I snapped it up and headed for home.
Well anyway I popped open my laptop (Ubuntu 7.10) opened up my video folder and started dropping vids on to my MSDP and XD card.
I slapped them in the enclosure (1 @ a time) and tryed to play them,
hmn these psp formatted rips didn’t work,
Downloaded avi’s didn’t work
the only thing that worked was a .mov file.
Thinking “well that’s crap” I opened up DVD::RIP and transcoded a copy of FMP EPS1 to and mpg.
copied to xd card – Didn’t work, WTF?
copied to MSDP – worked but stuttered.
Copied to some 10.8 gig hd (9.8 formatted in fat 32)
Well that works ok, that will do for me next up mp3’s
Putting the cards back where they came from I slapped some tunes from a scooter album and stated playing them.
The unit has a built in equalizer type jobbie but it was very slow keeping up with the music.
Being curious about its working I pulled out the main board and starting looking at the chips.
The biggest chip I assume Is the main driver chip and has Power media V1.0 written on it.
After a bit of google I find absolutely nothing on the technical specs of this unit, So no chance of hacking it.
The old “you get what you pay for” speaks true for this unit,
Cheep aluminium case, crap gui and slow read/write on internal hd’s.
If this could be hacked I’m sure the bugs could be fixed how ever google does show 2 different version of this unit, one with a square button, one with a round button.
Ill play with this some more and test out the vob playback and the post some more comments.