Well we all know that when a Dyson works it good but when It doesn’t it realy sucks (excuse pun). My dad gave me his DC07 that randomly cuts out and blind curiosity kicked it and I started to dissamble it.

Well heres the humble Dyson unaware of what is about to befall it.

First up was the removal of the easy parts.

  • The bin (Just push the button on the top)

  • The filter
  • Left pipe
  • Rear pipe.

Then next up came the hose.

to remove this push the big yellow catch which releases the hose

Then to release the lower section push the yellow bit

While pulling and it slides off. (image shows removed parts including the removed filter.)

Next is the stripped DC07

Under the bit is another cover and filter (two images up),to remove this you need to jamb this catch back

While pulling, and the cover comes off

showing the top of the motor casing(?)

Well thats as far as I got tonight but next up is the power switch.BTW all picture are here.